"Top 10 BYOB Restaurants"

"Known to regulars simply as 'A Café,' this fusion restaurant combines finely prepared French cuisine with the spicy and sweet flavors of the Caribbean. Nearby Columbia University students take full advantage of the BYO policy and the $25 prix fixe dinner menu which includes an appetizer and a main course. Many restaurants with similar, high-quality dishes to A Café would charge far more, making it all the more appealing to the student population. The dishes are experimental, but the flavor combinations are always on the mark. We love the roasted duck leg confit in jerk spices and the free range smoked chicken breast in a key lime and papaya purée. Cozy and intimate, A Café is a sweet and romantic spot ... Be sure to finish your meal with one of the classically French desserts: you can't go wrong with the creme brulée."

— "Top 10 BYOB Restaurants", D Guides.com-New York

"The Top 10 BYOB Restaurants In New York City"

"Head to the Upper West Side to A Café for an eclectic mix of French and Caribbean cuisine. Enjoy the downtown vibe of this mom-and-pop shop that prides itself on its green and eco-friendly atmosphere. Prices are reasonable, too, though its rich food and delectable desserts taste like they're worth more. Your favorite bottle of wine or beer will taste even better since there's no cork fee."

"Do as young coeds do with their crushes and head to A Café, or "A," as it is known locally"

"... organic French Caribbean food served in an exceedingly cozy space... The cafe has a B.Y.O.B. policy, with no corkage fee. One wise choice: the meltingly smooth stuffed avocado with piquant vinaigrette, followed by a rustic wild mushroom ragout with Caribbean beans."

— Sarah Maslin Nir, "Finding College Spirit, Off the Quad", The New York Times, February 2010

"A Café has been our go-to BYOB place for years."

"It's also the place we recommend to friends who have special bottles, because the French-Caribbean food is a treat and there's no corkage fee — ever...  I almost always start with the Mousse truffée, with black truffles & Port wine, and a side of Béarnaise, and have for my entrée the roast duck leg confit, with jerk spices in a citrus jus reduction.... Swoon."

— Dorothy Gaiter, Wine Critic, Grape Collective

"One of the best-kept secrets of New York dining"

"No, not just 'a cafe' like any ol' cafe. This is A Café New York - Organic French Caribbean Cuisine, and let me tell you the food is just as incredible as the name is strange... A Café takes a daring risk with "Organic French Caribbean Cuisine" but damn, they are consistently out-of-this-world... every time... Quite possibly one of the best appetizers I've ever had is "A's" escargots."

— Zach Bandler, "A Foodie's Guide to Dining in Bohemian New York City", The Not-So-Starving Artist.com

Food 24  Service 22

Bring your own wine to this UWS "hideaway" purveying "delicious" French-Caribbean chow that's great for "impressing that special someone"; what's "cozy" to some is "tiny" to others, but all agree the early-bird prix fixe is a "deal".

"(A Café has) infused a bleak stretch of upper Columbus with downtown flavor and a mellow neighborly vibe."

"There's a fiery kick to the escargots with cilantro-chili butter, and the hot grilled avocado with a dollop of spinach mousse where the pit used to be is a nutty experiment that works, smooth as butter in a puddle of shiitake-sesame vinaigrette."

— Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld, New York Magazine

"A Café's chef conjures up the most astonishing meals."

"...And what starters: a truffled mousse; a savory baked Anjou pear; grilled avocado stuffed with mushrooms; and broiled escargots in a cilantro-chili butter. Mains include a Caribbean-style smoked chicken breast with a puree of papaya and lime, and a juicy duck leg confit. We shared a perfect apple tart for $8.00. Wine lovers adore A Café. There's no bar, but no corkage fee either. You're welcome along with your bottles."

— Manuela Hoelterhoff and Daniel Billy, Bloomberg News